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Posted 05/28/98


The following is an extract from a cutting sent to the English newsletter by Mr. Victor Page, circa 1960.

When Mr. and Mrs. Tyrell, of Lowestoft, take Chum, their seven-year-old 'Norfolk' terrier, for a walk or out on a shopping expedition, they have to map out their route carefully -- to make sure they don't go anywhere near a toy shop!

For Chum has an unusual "weakness," one which provides plenty of amusement for his owners and shop assistants -- and which, on occasion, also provided a spot of embarrassment.

His soft spot? -- for dolls and teddy bears. He just can't pass one in any shop window without stopping and having a long, long look at it, and often has to be dragged away.

Sometimes it comes in handy, for it allows his owners to carry on shopping, leaving Chum "parked" in front of a toy counter. As long as either of his two favorites is on show he'll sit there happily until they come back.

"He's always been the same. We don't know why he has such a fondness for dolls -- but he seems quite happy to sit and look at them," says Mr. Tyrell.

ANTIC, Fall, 1987

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