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Posted 07/02/00


It is not my intent to be alarmist, but I think we should all be aware that live-animal auctions on the internet have become a reality. Their impact is yet to be determined.

Most dog lovers are likely aghast at the concept of auctioning our beloved pets to the highest bidder with little or no regard to the quality of the future home. Add to that concept the impersonal character of the internet and one is left to wonder how anyone could do such a thing. Well, the answer is money! If there is a chance for making a buck, someone will try it.

Recently, a pet-auction site came to my attention. Fortunately, while it does have categories for both Norfolk and Norwich, I have no reason to believe that any Norfolk or Norwich has ever actually been offered for auction and, at least so far, the number of dogs offered has been small. Further, a recent check shows that none of the three major internet auction sites has categories for live animals, although I don't know whether they have specific policies against such auctions.

Those who are so inclined can attempt to persuade the owners of such auctions that they should desist. However, in my opinion, the internet is so big and wide open that direct attempts to police the situation are likely to be futile and frustrating. I think one of the most effective things that we as dog lovers, and especially as dog breeders, can do is to keep our vigilance high as we evaluate potential homes for our dogs. If "bad" homes and animal wholesalers/brokers don't get the dogs, then they can't put them up for auction. We can only hope that these live-animal auctions do not prove to be economically successful or popular.


Ed Plummer
ANTIC, March, 2000


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