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1932 Drop and Prick Ear Norwich recognized as one breed in England. Parent club formed.
1936 DE and PE Norwich recognized by AKC as one breed in USA.
1947 American Norwich Terrier Club recognized.
1963 AKC permits ear designation on registration certificates to expedite statistical information for eventual separation.
1964 English Kennel Club recognizes drop ear Norwich as Norfolk Terriers with a separate sponsoring breed club.
1976 AKC makes ear carriage mandatory on registration applications, without regard to parentage.
1978 American Norfolk Terrier Association organized.

AKC waives own rule; i.e., each breed have one sponsoring club and with no statistical proof recognized DE Norwich as Norfolk by automatically transferring all registered drop ears to the new Norfolk Stud Book, thus endowing the Norwich Terrier Club with the responsibility of two breeds. Club renamed The Norwich and Norfolk Terrier Club. Proposal to form separate breed clubs shelved by NNTC board until changes are made in by-laws and constitution.
1980 NNTC membership poll finds majority favor separate parent clubs.
1981 Norfolk standard submitted by NNTC approved by AKC despite its failure to conform in height, weight, and proportions with standard from country of origin.

ANTIC, Winter, 1982

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