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Posted 12/18/97



A breeding plan is like a pool shot. One never takes one pool shot without a second or third shot in mind. In fact, one may never take the planned shot at all. That shot may never work out, or, even if it does, another better shot may present itself. Nonetheless, in dog breeding or in pool, one must have a plan for the future before embarking on a present venture. Furthermore, this breeding plan needs to be flexible enough for quick changes in direction in case opportunity or disaster presents itself along the way. It is true that Lady Luck often plays a major role in any successful breeding program, but one needs a specific direction and a plan for getting there to set it all in motion. Opportunity awaits only those who recognize it and are prepared to do something with it

Bear this in mind too: Unfortunately, may a breeding program is launched unintentionally. The breeder only intended a "few sweet puppies for the children;" or they only wanted another dog like old Nell or Spot who was getting on. And what happened? As a result, five generations down the road the unintentional breeder now has serious faults in temperament, structure and function, not to mention no line to speak of, and few options for salvation.

Therefore, any breeding program deserves consideration and direction....if not by the novice or pet breeders themselves, then, hopefully, by those whose stock is used. Remember, dog breeding is a serious business on any level as the future of these splendid little dogs depends upon it.


George Bragaw
ANTIC, Summer 1988


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