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Posted 10/17/04


The Border Terrier Club of America asked long- time Border breeder and terrier judge Bob Naun to write some guidelines so that judges would know what to look for while judging this breed. Recently, the article appeared in the AKC judge's newsletter. If you substitute the word "Norfolk" for the word "Border", the article really hits home.

Naun wrote, "The essence of type for the Border Terrier is the purpose for which it was developed. It is a working terrier with moderation in all aspects of appearance. Deviation from the qualities necessary for a working terrier results in a loss of type and a loss of identity. Knowing what was originally intended for the Border Terrier is critical for the breed and to the judge of the breed. It helps us to stay on purpose. If we pay respect to nothing else, certainly it should be to what the creators of the breed intended. These are the characteristics that do, in fact, define a breed."

As a prominent judge recently wrote, breed character is the immediate impression the dog gives at first sight. Does the dog convey what it is intended to be?"

In the flashy artificially groomed and supercharged world of pure bred dogs, the Border Terrier is a master of understatement. The Border Terrier is a natural terrier. He is a working terrier. Gone are the days that the Border could come into the ring with just some "tidying" up. But the Border Terrier who enters the ring dyed, legs fluffed up, with gobs of facial hair has lost his identity as a Border Terrier ... we urge all owners, breeders, and judges to keep in mind the purpose of the Border Terrier as well as the ethical requirements of the rules and regulations of the AKC in presenting dogs in the show ring."

Sound advice for more than one breed, and certainly something to keep in mind as we prepare our Norfolks for life in the limelight of the breed ring.

ANTIC, September, 2004


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