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Posted 06/14/10

Meet Board Member Peggy Metcalf ... Flurries Norfolks

I am a very happily retired elementary school, teacher sharing my time between my grandchildren in Las Vegas and my four Norfolk Terriers.

I have always had dogs … mixed breeds, Boxers, Collies, Great Danes, Chessies and Silkies. My son, Adam, decided he needed a ‘rough, tough little house dog’ of his own and so in 1998 into our lives came our first Norfolk, Adam’s Bouncer. Looking back at her, I can see that I have come a LONG way in the breed and I honor her for my success with my Flurries.

Along with the dogs, we raised and trained Clydesdales for many years. We used them to plow, plant and harvest grains and they were our winter logging partners. In 1976 our Clydes drew our 1901 John Deere covered wagon on the Bicentennial Wagon Train Pilgrimage to Valley Forge.

My dogs keep me very busy. I have bred nine breed Champions and four Master Earthdogs (with more on the way). I’ve had two dogs running in agility as well as dogs that have earned obedience, rally and weight dog titles … and now I’m working on tracking.

I joined ANTA in May of 1995 and credit this organization with my continued excitement in working with my dogs and helping educate the public to the versatility of this fabulous little breed. I have been on the Board a few times and I can usually be found ‘down and dirty’ training couch potatoes to ‘get that rat!’ It’s my favorite activity!

ANTIC, June, 2009

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