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This is a brief story of one very special Norfolk. Special, because he's mine, yet typical, as well because Ch. Bethway's Joshua is the epitome of what a Norfolk should be.

Joshua was whelped in October of 1971. Bred by Barbara Fournier of Bethway Kennels, he was to satisfy a long-held dream of mine to own a Norfolk (a drop ear Norwich in those days). Josh's sole role in life was intended to be that of friend and companion. We did attend a few puppy matches where we collected a fair share of ribbons, but it was only for the pleasure of being together that we entered the competition.

When Josh was about a year old, we enrolled in a basic obedience course. Although he "graduated" near the top of his class, he had an air about him which seemed to say, "But I already know all this stuff, can't we get on with something a bit more challenging?"

When Joshua was three, I acquired my first Norfolk bitch, Wintonbury Sheina Madel. As captivated as I was by her winsome charm, Josh soon launched his career as a stud by siring four healthy bitch puppies.

In February, 1978, at more than six years of age, Josh revealed yet another facet of his ever growing repertoire. At the urging of Jane Anderson of Anderscroft Kennels, Reg., Joshua entered the show ring and promptly went Best of Winners for a three point major. His second time out, a scant two weeks later, he went Best of Breed and chalked up his second three points in as many outings.

On May 20, 1978, at the Ladies Kennel Association of America dog show in Hempsted, Long Island, Joshua went Best of Winners for five points and then took Best of Breed over several specials ... and he went home bearing the title of AKC Champion.

Perhaps getting restless in retirement, Joshua went to his first terrier trial at the mature age of nine and a half years ... the very first time he had ever been asked to go to ground in any sort of formal way. After a couple of questioning glances, he not only entered the course but, after the dust had settled, was awarded the blue rosette for his efforts.

Along the way, Josh has also been raced successfully at a "just for Norfolks" fun event, he's learned a full complement of doggy tricks and is a tennis ball retriever par excellence. Perhaps most importantly, he's made friends for the breed wherever he has bee, whatever activity he's been engaged in. In short, he's been everything I'd ever hoped for ... and more.

All this proves, I think, that Norfolks love to be challenged and, given the opportunity, are willing, even eager, to tackle any new adventure.

Special ... because he's mine, yet typical of the breed ... probably a statement etched in the heart of every Norfolk owner.

Sheila Foran
Winter, 1982

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