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Posted 006/14/10

Beacon Earns International Weight Pull Title

Well, she did it! Flurries Bayside Beacon, AX, OAJ, ME, WD earned her International Weight Pull Association Weight Dog title in March, 2009. In her final leg she pulled 190 pounds which is 15.8 times her body weight. She placed first in her weight class of #20 pounds in Region 5 (which runs from northern Canada to Virginia) and was invited to the Nationals held in Michigan.

However, as ANTA’s Spring Fling was the same weekend, we elected to go to Maryland. Beacon is the first Norfolk bitch to earn a weight pulling title and I am so proud of her efforts.

A weight pull is quite an eye opening event and I think everyone should try to attend a pull just for the fun of it. It is another world in one way, but the love of dogs is the same. The competitors are the most helpful lot you’ll ever find. They give tremendous support to everyone. The judges have encouraged me to continue with Beacon but she has proven her point and needs to go no further. I do plan to try with my other Norfolks.

As background, there are three different pulls: snow, wheels and rails. Beacon earned her title on wheels. She pulls a cart on dirt or carpet for a distance of 16 feet with a maximum time of one minute. There are three levels of weight titles, all based on percentages of weight pulled to the dog’s body weight. So in a class, your dog can win by pulling less weight than another dog providing the percentage of weight pulled is higher.

For anyone interested in learning more about weight pulling, check out the IWPA website at; the United Kennel Club at and (for those in the Northeast) my local club, Canine Culture of Central New York at

Happy Pulling!

Peggy Metcalf

 Beacon pulls 190 pounds to earn her weight pull title ... and first in her weight class!


ANTIC, June, 2009

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