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Posted 07/22/07


At the start of the New Year, I was going through some old files -- most were dog-related -- and I found some interesting links to ANTA's past. Among the items I found were a charming poem and a commentary from Jessica Jurich James, who will be our judge at this year's Fall Festival.

The poem was written by Reese F. Alsop and it had been sent to Joan Read for publication in either ANTIC or the NNTC News. It was signed "Your devoted admirer" and I am quite certain that both Joan and Mr. Alsop would be pleased to see it in print once again.

My wife keeps dogs in the bedroom,
She says that they need it for sleep.
That elsewhere they might become nervous,
Might even go bark at a thief.

My wife keeps dogs in the bedroom,
Their presence is hard to eschew.
If they're not knocking over a table,
They're quietly chewing a shoe.

My wife keeps dogs in the bedroom.
They growl and they snarl in the night
As if perhaps they're indulging
In canine debate, or a fight.

My wife keeps dogs in the bedroom.
Their discretion is open to doubt.
If something's about to get started
They're likely to scratch to get out.

My wife keeps dogs in the bedroom,
And if I emit a mild curse
She relegates me to the doghouse,
An anthropomorphic reverse.

ANTIC, March, 2007

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