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Posted 02/17/05


When the American Kennel Club granted breed separation in 1979, officially turning the Drop Eared Norwich Terrier into the Norfolk Terrier, the American Norfolk Terrier Association was born. There have been many highlights over the years; herewith we present a representative sampling, as reported in past issues of ANTIC.

January 1983 ANTIC Match, October 9, 1982: Judge Barbara Fournier of Santa Fe, New Mexico made the selections in the regular classes. Named Best Puppy in Match was Pam Adriance's Krum Elbow Wallace. Getting the nod for Best Adult was Joyce Hamner's Rascal (Knollwood's Hans Sachs).

Autumn 1983 - Record Event: Judge Frauke Hinsch had an entry of fifty-one at the Fall Festival in Bedford. Best Puppy, Chidley Daphne, came from the 9-12 month class and is owned by Bee Read Ege.

Summer 1985 Picnic and Fun Day: On Saturday, July 27th in Glastonbury, CT, Joan Read presented a brief demonstration of how judging is handled in Sweden where, in addition to conformation, dogs must pass a test of mental competency. (Are you listening, American Norfolks?).

1989 The Norfolk Terrier by Joan R. Read is published.

1990 ANTA publishes Norfolk Terrier Pedigree Book

Autumn 1992 Garden Party in Oyster Bay Brings Out ANTA's Best: As garden parties go, this one was special. Not only were nearly 50 ANTA members and friends present at the August 22nd event, but almost as many Norfolks also made their presence known.

Summer 1994 Annual Spring Fling: A highlight of this year's event was a cocktail party hosted by the Sadr and Erriker families at Oakwood, a beautiful horse farm with a stunning view of the surrounding hills. Oakwood was the home and final resting place of Col. Sterling Larrabee's "Small Dog Jones" (1933-1949). Col. Larrabee and his wife, Constance, were pioneers in the development of the "Jones" (Norwich PE & DE) in this country.

1995 ANTA publishes second Norfolk Terrier Pedigree Book

April 15, 1995: ANTA members are notified of the death Joan Read, the guiding hand behind ANTA and pioneering breeder of champion Labrador Retrievers, Norwich and Norfolk Terriers under the Chidley banner.

December 1996- ANTA's Annual Fall Festival: It wasn't hard to tell who the first day's big winners were. If the kennel prefix was Buckeye, the blue ribbons weren't far behind. Best Puppy was the black and tan Buckeye Yankee Clipper and his litter sister, Buckeye Victoria Clipper was Best Opposite the day's Best in Show Winner was the McKinstry's Ch. Buckeye Karman Ghia.

March 2000 ANTA Mourns Loss of Pioneering Breeder Barbara Fournier in New Mexico: Our tribute will be two fold: First, ANTA has made a substantial contribution in her name to Cornell University's James A. Baker Institute for Animal Health. And second, we will dedicate to her our 2000 Norfolk Terrier Pedigree Book.

2000 ANTA Publishes third Norfolk Terrier Pedigree Book

September 2000 Norfolk Owners Gather for ANTA's Mid-West Match: On a glorious sunny day in July, Norfolks and their owners came from as far afield as Canada and Colorado to participate in the Midwest Match hosted by Tony Gabrielli and Wayne Palmer.

March 2001 ANTA Sponsored Earthdog Practice Coming in May: to be held at Finale Farm in Martinsburg, West Virginia.

June 2003 The Spirit of Springtime Reflected in the Young: This year's Spring Fling was an "old fashioned" event a laid back atmosphere, many new and old faces, and plenty of village charm

ANTIC, December, 2004

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