Posted 08/18/04


This issue of ANTIC brings word of our Summer gathering at the fairgrounds in North Stonington, CT where Norfolks and their friends will once again convene for a casual picnic and fun day. This ever-popular event allows us to kick-back and have some (mostly) non-competitive fun in the midst of Summer. We can catch up with friends and enjoy our dogs as they frolic in the sun.

We also bring further word of our special raffle, which will culminate in the drawing of the winner's ticket at our Fall Festival in October of this year.

Long-time Norfolk owner and ANTA member Kathy Ruttenberg has generously donated a captivating Norfolk sculpture to ANTA. Kathy is a noted artist who has been featured in numerous galleries in NYC and beyond. Her love of animals and nature is uniquely apparent in all of her works. They have been highly praised by art critics and ANTA is fortunate to have available to us her imaginative interpretation of a Norfolk Terrier.

Kathy, her husband Ian, their Norfolk, Norwich, cats and pygmy goats live in idyllic mountaintop setting near Woodstock, NY.

In addition, this issue also contains is a great article by Sassie Jouris concerning the training and preparation she is going through to get her dog "Stamp" ready for the AKC National Agility Trials.

What is particularly exciting is that we can celebrate the success of our Norfolks in all sorts of venues ... from conformation and agility to obedience and earthdog ... to loyal and loving companion. It was not too long ago that there might have been a lone Norfolk at an obedience trial, and maybe one or two in the conformation ring. Now, these little dogs are turning up in all sorts of competitive and non-competitive situations and they are winning more hearts than ever.

With this increased visibility, there is also a heightened sense of responsibility on the part of breeders and owners, alike.

While the Norfolk is an enchanting and entertaining companion, it is not a dog for everyone's lifestyle, nor should it ever be considered an "impulse" acquisition.

Norfolks are true sporting terriers and should be celebrated as such.

Sheila Foran
ANTIC, June, 2004

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