Posted 05/03/01

As ANTA Membership Grows, More Input Needed

In the last issue of ANTIC, a readership survey designed to elicit input from Club members and newsletter subscribers was included. I would like to thank the two people who responded. (You already know who you are, so I won't publish your names.) This number represents a response rate of .0051150894%. It's a good thing I didn't bother buying that oversized mailbox I was thinking about getting to handle the responses!

ANTA currently mails 391 copies of its newsletter to 141 single members, 84 families, and 166 non-members. Presumably at least some of you have attended at least one ANTA event during the last 20 years. Did you have fun? Did you return for a second or third or fourth event? Was there something that disappointed you about the event? Or something that pleased you? Were you satisfied with the quality of the judging, the contents of the club store, or the activities offered? Would you like to see new or more or different activities offered in the future? How about the newsletter? Does every issue meet your expectations? Are there topics you'd like to see covered? If so, whom have you told?

If you have been pleased with ANTA's efforts, or especially if you haven't, are you willing to help with future events? Would you and a friend or two be willing to host an activity? How about writing an article for ANTIC or at least sending in some photos?

There is a small core of ANTA members working diligently for the organization. But, there are far more that need to be involved if the club is going to grow and prosper. Please ... let president Judith Felton know how you feel ... with both positive and negative comments. Send your suggestions to me for the newsletter. In addition to participating in the events, bring some positive energy and a willingness to help out with you. If you're not sure how you might be able to help, ask any of the officers or board members who are listed on the back of this newsletter how you might get involved.

Please ... we want to hear from you!

Sheila Foran
ANTIC, March, 2001

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