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Posted 03/08/98


The American Norfolk Terrier Association (ANTA) is dedicated to the preservation of the Norfolk Terrier as a game, sporting companion. We are primarily an educational organization. Our purpose is to help make the ownership of Norfolks a rewarding experience for both dogs and people alike. From our members, we ask the following:

  1. Learn as much about this hardy breed of sporting terrier as possible and appreciate his right to be influenced by his ancestors. This is a working terrier. Let him act like one.
  2. Help set an example for other Norfolk owners. When you stress the privileges inherent in owning this breed, do so in a positive, supportive fashion.
  3. Think very carefully before beginning a breeding program. Make sure you are ready for the responsibilities involved. Understand that breeding dogs is not an activity that should be entered casually.
  4. Enjoy the many facets of the breed. If you show in the conformation or obedience ring, be distinguished by your good sportsmanship. If your dogs race, go-to-ground or do agility, share in their enjoyment. If your dogs can provide a service by nursing homes or schools, give them the opportunity. And, if your Norfolk is "merely" your best friend, treasure your relationship.
  5. Be an active club member. Support ANTA's educational endeavors, attend matches and meetings. If you can write an article for ANTIC, take photographs at a club event, transport starting boxes and agility obstacles, or lick stamps for mailings, volunteer!

Sheila Foran
Norfolk Terrier Pedigree Book, 1990 Edition


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