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Posted 12/18/97



As a breeder of Norfolk Terriers, I am frequently contacted by potential puppy buyers who have been told that Norfolks are a non-shedding breed. Well, I don't know about anyone else's dogs, but mine do shed. Although they don't drop hair like full-coated breeds, their short hairs can wreak havoc on a black or navy blue skirt, especially those made of wool.

Another question I frequently get is whether Norfolk are "non-allergenic". Since it is the dander from dogs that causes allergic reactions, and not their hair per se, I am unable to give a definitive answer. Instead, I encourage the potential buyer, the allergic family member, and one or more Norfolks to spend some time together before a purchase is made. A trial run is much better than tears caused by the trauma of having to give up a new puppy.

Out of curiosity, and as an aid in answering questions, we would like to hear from ANTA members who have experience -- either positive or negative -- with Norfolks and people who are ordinarily allergic to dogs. Is this breed any more or less inclined to induce an allergic reaction in children or other family members? Please write in care of ANTIC. Your answers may be used in a future article.


Sheila Foran
ANTIC, Fall/Winter 1995


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