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Posted 05/29/98


Once upon a time when dog shows were benched, every entered dog had to be exhibited. If the owner or handler was otherwise engaged, the show superintendent provided an employee to take the dog into the ring on its bench chain and collar.

Today, an exhibitor can view the competition, then withdraw his entered dog at ringside and receive no AKC penalty.

Not long ago, all unentered dogs at AKC shows were provided an "in transit" area where they were confined, and puppies under six months were not permitted at all. This was a precautionary rule to protect their health. Due to the difficulty of policing the "in transit" dogs at unbenched shows, the AKC was forced to rescind this rule. However, underage puppies are still not welcomed at all-breed shows and it violates the AKC rules to bring them and set up X-pens in the space provided for paid exhibitors.

Recently, two experienced Norfolk exhibitors brought their young litters to the Bucks County show in May and received no reprimand from show or club officials. Was this because all these people were ignorant of the rules? Or, were these actions tolerated because of the perceived good works on behalf of Norwich and Norfolk Terrier Club rescue activities by these breeders? Could it be that these young puppies were the ones who needed "rescuing" ... and not the occasional Norfolk litter which gets advertised in the newspaper? It's food for thought.

Joan R. Read
ANTIC, Summer, 1992

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