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While most Norfolk Terriers are sold with complete AKC paperwork in place, some are occasionally placed through rescue or rehoming efforts. Since purebred dogs can be transferred only from an individual owner to another individual owner, dogs that enter rescues or shelters are no longer considered registered even if they are turned in with registration papers.

However, if owners get a special Indefinite Listing Privilege (ILP) number from the AKC, they can compete in performance events such as earthdog, agility and obedience.

To qualify for an ILP number, a dog must look like an AKC-recognized breed, be spayed or neutered, and be at least six months old. The application must be accompanied by two recent photographs of the dog -- a full front view and a full side view -- as well as a veterinary certificate to confirm the spay or neuter. In addition, the application asks for a statement describing why the dog is not eligible for regular registration (if the reason is known) and why the dog is considered to belong to an AKC breed. Any available supporting documentation (such as a pedigree or a statement from the breeder) should also be included with the application.

Complete information is available from the AKC.

ANTIC, March, 2005

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