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Posted 05/29/98


For those of us who have to ship puppies, or dogs to be bred, please note that there are new Federal regulations in place regarding air transport of live animals as freight.

Puppies may travel two to a crate provided that there is enough room for both. Any dog over six months must have a crate of its own. Crates must have either a divided dish or two dishes attached inside for food and water. You will be required to sign a statement saying the time your animal last had food and water; this statement will be affixed to the top of the crate.

Health certificates are good for 10 days on dogs and puppies that are being shipped. Certificates for family pets traveling with their owners are good for 30 days. You must have an original and a copy for the airline carrier. (Note: Make sure the original copy of the Health Certificate stays with the dog.) Rabies vaccinations depend on your State regulations, so ask your vet at the time of examination whether your dog will need one. Don't forget the destination regulations if shipping out of state.

For those people who have had limited or no experience shipping, remember that weather at either end of your dog's trip is a consideration when your airline decides whether or not it will accept a live animal for transport. Your airport and the airport destination are also factors in a carrier's determination as to whether shipment during cold or hot weather is safe for your animal. Airlines also consider weather at interim stops, should there be any, when making the decision whether or not to accept an animal for shipment. For this reason, it's best to use a direct flight, if at all possible. These factors are especially important to keep in mind if you are shipping a bitch to be bred and time is of the essence, so remember to plan ahead.

For those of you sending a dog counter-to-counter, you will need a health certificate with the current vaccination information (again, check State regulations) and a hard plastic or fiberglass crate. Check with your carrier about food and water dish requirements. As is the case when shipping animals as freight, weather is still a factor. Some carriers will ship dogs in winter counter-to-counter as they have a heated area in which to place small animals either prior to or after shipment.

If you are traveling with your pet, some airlines allow them as carry-on luggage and some require them to be checked as baggage. Once again, check with your airline for pertinent information ... and don't wait until the last minute to do so!

Bee Ege
ANTIC, Spring, 1982

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