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Posted 02/24/03


Congratulations are in order for Shirl Hutchins and Aeley for earning their Open Agility Jumpers title (OAJ) with a perfect run at the recent Springfield cluster of shows. This has been quite a year for Aelfwyn (Chantilly's Aelfwyn of Berrybrow, CD, OA, OAJ). She joined a group from New Hampshire who went to the Canine Performance Event Nationals last June and came away with seven qualifying scores, a Standard Title, and the designation of National Champion in the 8" division.

Also at Springfield, Flashback Postmark, JE, (Stamp) owned by Celine and Francoise Joiris earned his Novice Agility (NA) and Novice Agility Jumpers (NAJ) titles.

Meanwhile, Sandra Healy's Clipper finished his Novice Standard title in Idaho in October, and he has legs toward his JWW. Congratulations to all!



ANTIC, December, 2002


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